Tanks in Schools Program


Tanks in Schools

Colorado Organization for Reef & Aquatic Life (CORAL) members establish and maintain reef aquariums in schools throughout Colorado. These programs allow students and teachers to build, raise and maintain aquariums hosting several species of fish and coral.  

Reef tanks can be used to teach many science concepts such as interactions, relationships, biotic and abiotic factors, parasitism, symbiosis, and adaption. Students discuss and learn about why reef creatures are often more brightly colored than freshwater fishes and invertebrates. Students gain a better understanding of how ecosystems work, especially within a reef tank and in marine environments. Being able to teach students a skill through a hands on experience is often more engaging than a worksheet or a one time field trip. Participating in the care and maintenance of the reef tank gives them a sense of ownership. They learn to appreciate how delicate the environment is, trying to maintain the correct balance of alkalinity and pH, keeping both fish and coral living within their environment.  

They also see what happens first hand when these balances become out of sync and the toll it takes on the fish and coral.  Coral bleaching is something they may hear on the evening news or read in the papers with the effects of El Niño and the destruction it can have on the worlds great reefs.  However, the effects of seeing this process happening first hand when temperature changes in a tank fluctuate from their optimum ranges, resulting in bleached coral, can have a lasting impression with students.

Please help us educate the future generations about aquatic life by supporting the Tanks in Schools Program in Colorado.  Members and sponsors can help by providing assistance in helping with initial setups of tanks in schools.  Sponsors can help with donations and discounts on food and supplies.

If you are a teacher or school administrator in a school interested in applying for support and assistance with this program, please fill out the "Tanks In Schools Program" form in the menu section of this website or click here.



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